D365 BC

Introduction to Finance in Business Central (NAV): Financial Setup

Ready to use Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV for finance but don’t know where to start? This three-hour training workshop is for you. Learn how to get the financial setup your ERP system needs to perform by reviewing accounting schedules, templates, general ledger setup, and more!

This three-hour training workshop will introduce or help you review financial setups and master records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV).

Topics include:

-Accounting Schedules
-Customer and Vendor Templates
-General Ledger Setup
-Sales and Receivables Setup
-Purchasing and Payables Setup
-Tax Setup
-Tax Posting Setup
-User Setup
-Basic Item / Inventory Setup

Student Access: To promote learning progression, students are given 30 days to complete this course. If more time is needed at the end of 30 days, simply reach out to us and we can extend your learning period.

Hours of recorded course content: 2:16
Expected hours to complete course: 2:45
Course Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Method: QAS Self Study/Online eLearning
Course Administrative Policies: https://skillup.dynamicsuser.net/about-us

  • Account Schedules
  • Intro and Account Schedules (01:13)
  • Balance Sheet (09:20)
  • Processing and Exporting an Account Schedule (03:51)
  • Income Statement (01:28)
  • Adding a Chart of Accounts (04:29)
  • Master Records
  • Customers, Part 1 (11:26)
  • Customers, Part 2 (13:06)
  • Vendors (05:32)
  • General Ledger Setup (09:21)
  • General Ledger Action Buttons (06:31)
  • Sales and Receivables Setup
  • Sales and Receivables, Part 1 (08:43)
  • Sales and Receivables, Part 2 (04:31)
  • Purchases, Payables, and Tax Setup
  • Purchases and Payables, Part 1 (02:50)
  • Purchases and Payables, Part 2 (01:59)
  • Tax Setup (05:20)
  • User Setup (02:51)
  • Inventory and Item Setup
  • Inventory Setup, Part 1 (06:59)
  • Inventory Setup. Part 2 (11:43)
  • Item Setup, Part 1 (09:32)
  • Item Setup, Part 2 (07:59)
  • Item Setup, Part 3 (09:07)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever